in the name of strength and protection, in an uncertain and chaotic world, we call to the power of our ancestors and descendants deep within us to combat the forces of tyranny and evil

Let's be real, 2020 was stressful. Altars is a project in response to the intense energies I've felt last year. I wanted to share this augmented reality experience with you all as places to appreciate small joys, to pause for moments of rest or reflection, or to lay burdens down. I hope you use them in whatever ways feel right for you.

Altars consists of three augmented reality (AR) altars, each embodying a specific emotional state–joy, grief, and protection. They are meant to serve as a “virtual conduit” for those feelings, each accompanied by a soundscape and short meditation. I was inspired by altars from cultures all over the world, especially Black and Brown cultures, who have used them to channel energies toward enlightenment, salvation, and loss. Experience Altars for yourself here.

Altars is a WebAR experience produced by RYOT in partnership with All Black Creatives and Huffpost. Read more about the project here