Black August

The Ferguson Rebellion archived in Whose Steets? follows in the footsteps a history of black resistances and rebellions which have arose in the month of August, earning the name, Black August. Amongst those--from the Haitian Revolution, the Nat Turner Rebellion, to the March on Washington--the Watts Uprising remains the closest in proximal history to the Crenshaw Dairy Mart of Inglewood.

In conjunction with an online premiere of Whose Streets in August 2020, I curated works of contemporary Black revolutionary artists, Lola Ogbara, Jen Everett, and Adrian Octavius Walker in an online exhibition for Crenshaw Dairy Mart. The exhibition was accompanied by a series of Instagram takeovers by each artist, as well as IG Live interviews viewable on CDM’s IG.

View exhibtion here:

Crenshaw Dairy Mart streamed Whose Streets? on PBS’s independent documentary program POV from August 7 - 9, 2020.