Chain of Rocks is the first-ever fully stop-motion animated feature-length documentary film. It is an intimate story about innocence, doubt, guilt, accountability, and masculinity told through the friendship myself, as a filmmaker and narrator, and a death row inmate, Reggie Clemons.

In the film, I take the point of view as a bystander. The theme of the bystander is one that is central to this story. Reggie says that he was a bystander in the murder of the young women on that night in April. A guilty party none the less in admittance to rape, but a bystander as patriarchial behavior took two bright young lives. Through this lens, I explore how myself and other men, specifically Black men, can find ourselves being bystanders to harmful behavior towards women. 

The motif of "clay" is specific to the nature of how the idea of "truth" shows up in this story. Clay like truth is malleable and is so in the way both Reggie and the justice system use it in this case. Multiple things can be true at once and can change depending on whose perspective is dominant.

This film is a collaboration with Emmy-nominated animation studio, Lumen Anime.