Mill Creek Valley Monument
Brickline Greenway 

I am currently working with a team to create a monument to Mill Creek Valley, a once-thriving neighborhood in the City of St. Louis that was home to 20,000 Black residents, 800+ businesses, and 40+ houses of worship. Mill Creek was destroyed in 1959 when city officials "blighted" the 450 acres (size of five Arch rounds) and decided to fully demolish the neighborhood, displacing all residents, in the name of “urban renewal”.

The Mill Creek Valley Monument will stand as a remembrance of the great people of Mill Creek Valley whose legacy cannot be forgotten, built over, or moved aside. Their collective memories, stories, and contributions to the narrative of St. Louis live on.

The monument is a part of the Brickline Greenway, a plan to create a network of up to 20 miles of greenways, linking up to 17 neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis, connecting Forest Park to the Gateway Arch National Park, Fairground Park to Tower Grove Park and hundreds of destinations in between.

You can read more about the monument and the greenway here.