Pillars of the Valley
Monument to Mill Creek Valley 

Five years of planning, preparation, and work culminated with the unveiling of the first installment of Pillars of the Valley on February 16, 2023. We were able to honor the elders of Mill Creek Valley and it was one of the most fulfilling moments I have ever experienced. Pillars of the Valley stands as a remembrance of the great people of Mill Creek Valley whose legacy cannot be forgotten, built over, or moved aside. Their collective memories, stories, and contributions to the narrative of St. Louis live on.

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ct was made possible by former residents who helped me shape the work, the STL CITY team who believed in my vision and provided the site, and Great Rivers Greenway & Lamar Johnson Collaborative who supported in helping this project come to life. The monument is also a part of the Brickline Greenway, a plan to create a network of up to 20 miles of greenways, linking up to 17 neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis, connecting Forest Park to the Gateway Arch National Park, Fairground Park to Tower Grove Park and hundreds of destinations in between.

Check out this brief video of me discussing the historic monument, Pillars of the Valley.

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