Damon Davis

My practice is part therapy, part social commentary. I work across a spectrum of creative mediums to tell stories. These stories range in topic and scope. I have found in my recent years, I have been making art to empower the disenfranchised and powerless, and to combat the systematic oppression that plagues our world today. My work is rooted in the Black American experience because that is my experience. My work as of late is about how identity is informed by mythology and story. I use mythology to create conversation around how we see our selves and others.  I have created work that brings people together and fortifies the souls of the people in the most pain and the most struggle. Now I make work that not only focusing on pain but on the joy of those people. I am having a conversation with myself, and when that conversation is made public, my hope is that people can see themselves in my work and it helps them grow, along with myself.