Founded by Basil Kincaid and Damon Davis, the Black Bag award is designed to provide unrestricted cash funding, networking opportunity and support for young black artists in St. Louis & East St. Louis. As professional Black artists we feel the desire to foster the development of the young artists in our city. We take direct agency in our role in the cultivation of a culture of compassion and service wielding art as a tool for self and collective liberation. We find empowerment in being an artist funded and operated initiative, demonstrating actively how you can pursue your truth and passion as a functional living while supporting  others in that endeavor.

The Black Bag award will provide 6 young black artists from St. Louis & East St. Louis with direct funding in the amount of $500. Artists will be selected in 3 categories, 11-14 and Under, Age 15-18, and 19-23. Two artists per age group will be awarded.  Artists 12 and under will be supervised on an art supply shopping spree with Damon and Basil. Artists 13-17 will get $250 cash and the other $250 in a guided art supply mission. The older artists 18-22 will get $500 unrestricted cash. At the end of the summer we want to see what you made and hear about your experience. For more details visit