I believe the problem that the ‘Delmar Divide’ represents is a community that is divide by misunderstanding and ignorance. The Wailing Wall is an outdoor art installation sits at Walton and Delmar Blvd, and is inspired by the Wailing Wall or Kotel located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The propose of the Wall is to give people in the community access to a monument and an altar to take our stories. The community is encouraged to leave letters to the city at the wall, The goal of this installation

The Delmar Divide is a microcosm of a large problem in America today. The growing disparity between rich and poor, and the rapidly evaporating middle class. I propose a temporary public art installation on Delmar Blvd called “The Wailing Wall”. The Wailing Wall is a 4x7 wooden wall built on Delmar running parallel to the street. It will be a place for the community to bring their stories telling their perspective of the economic disparities experienced in this city. This structure will stand for a one year period. At the end of this period we have member of community tear down the wall as a symbol of destroying the barrier between the segments of the city. I envision people from both sides of the ‘divide’ meeting at the wall and conversing and learning from each other. I hope the outcome of this project fosters more of a sense of community between the neighborhoods divide by Delmar Blvd. and begins the conversation of how to fix the problem presented by the Delmar Divide among the St. Louis people. I hope this project will foster understanding and break down preconceptions on both sides of the divide and begin a process of changing the current situation in St. Louis and maybe other American cities.

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